• Chains
  • Pulleys
  • Asterisks
  • Rings (fixation)
  • Shaft couplings
  • Torque regulators




Craft Bearings is a company with great experience in bearings and chain production. Wide range of products and affordable prices that meet the economic and technical requirements. Warehouses are assembled in a vast Craft Bearing industrial bearings and chains range for electric engines, machinery, conveyors, etc. equipment serial production. The products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000.




Specialized spanish tapered roller bearings factory FERSA is famous for its trademark A&S products. The company uses advanced manufacturing technology and has acquired the authority issued the ISO 9001 quality certificate.




Specialized linear bushing bearings positioning systems, linear gear, linear ball bearing manufacturer. The newest offices and factories are located in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Germany.




Schaeffler Group INA and FAG is one of the most precise international technology companies in the world, it owns 78 factories. The number of employees reaches 58,000. Schaeffler Group turnover amounted to 7.2 billion in euros. The company develops every year more than 500 patents. 

Quality management system certified to the highest international standards ISO / TS 16949:2002. 

Schaeffler Group izstrādā un ražo rullīšu un lodīšu gultņus, lineārās sistēmas, precīzas komponentes automašīnu dzinēju rūpniecībai, aviācijai, transmisiju un jaudas nodošanas mehānismiem.




IWIS - designs and manufactures high-precision gears and chain system conveyors. Conveyor and industrial gear technological solutions according to individual orders. Thanks to high quality materials and advanced technology, technical solutions are smoothly. IWIS produce standard roller chain according to DIN 8187 NO 048 to 328, it is simple, double or triple. Double pitch (double-pitch) produced by the circuit in accordance with DIN 8181 from 2088 to the 2168. It is standard roller chains according to DIN 8188 (American standard) from 08A-16A and 08A-16A. 

IWIS offers conveyor chains, conveyor chains steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated with additional elements and even a different type of circuit.




  • Different types of cleaning products
  • Protective cover
  • rust solvents
  • lubricants




MPZ Minsk Bearing Plant is one of the largest manufacturers of spherical roller, market for more than 50 years. Production program bearings with a weight up to 880 kg and a diameter of 25 to 980 mm. Products comply with international ISO standards. It has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.




NESTE OIL company has not only own the largest fuel supplier, but also one of the largest oil-based and oil-based manufacturers in the Nordic countries. Creating oil, it is taken into account in the north of the existing harsh weather, where there is a strong seasonal temperature fluctuations. While working in arctic conditions, oil is being imposed more stringent requirements than working the Mediterranean or Southern Europe. "Neste Oil" is based on the same technology "Nexbase" oil that combines more perfect automotive and industrial oil production technologies. The company's goal is not only to offer the customer advanced products, but also to assess the most serious ecological problems. It is produced unique products, able to provide the best protection from abrasion, with palīdzinātiem drain intervals, providing fuel economy.

"Neste Oil" company produces a wide assortment of oils, lubricants, technical liquids and transport and industrial chemicals in their companies, which is certified according to international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Finland.




French company SNR Roulements with more than a century of experience is one of the largest bearing manufacturing and design companies. It is the first bearing manufacturer, which has acquired the ISO 9001 certificate. SNR Roulements invest more than 5.5% of turnover mechanization and electronics development, in cooperation with the most renowned European technology universities.

SNR Roulements supplying bearings manufacturers and service companies in the following areas:

  • Car industry
  • Aviation industry
  • The mechanical engineering industry (of textile, steel, paper, agriculture, etc.)




Optibelt Group is specialized in the manufacture of transmission systems and their implementation. Since 1948 this company manufactured belts all engine systems, "V" shaped flat belts and timing belts, flat belts and a variety of specialized straps. In 1994 Optibelt GmbH was awarded ISO 9001 quality certificate. At present, these products meet the highest quality requirements and all international standards. High quality, prompt delivery and competitive price are the advantages of Optibelt.




In 1898 Henry Timken invented and patented the first tapered roller bearings. Soon Henry and his two sons founded the company "The Timken Roller Bearing Axle Company". More than 100 years established more than 50 factories, 100 commercial designers and distribution centers in 25 countries that offer high quality products and services.

Timken company at industrial scale is the third largest roller, needle bearings and seamless steel pipe manufacturer in the world. The company's bearings and steel is used in all major industries. Timken Company offers more than 200 kinds, 30000 bearing size (offered units meters and inches).

In 2003 Timken integrated into the company structure company Torrington, engaged with the needle, and in particular the precise roller, bearing bearing production.





Vologda Bearing Factory, founded in 1971, currently produces more than 1,700 types of ball bearings with inner diameter from 8mm to 500mm. VBF Bearings are delivered to more than 3,000 Russian industrial enterprises and more than 50 countries worldwide. The factory has a car manufacturing company (VAZ, GAZ, VAZ, KamAZ, etc.), electrical engineering, equipment and machine tools manufacturing, metallurgy and oil industry companies main supplier. Vologda bearing factory mark VBF is the high quality guarantee. The factory is also famous for its scientific research potential. Factory production system has obtained quality certificates ISO 9001 and QS9000.




WEICON industrial chemicals for production, repair and maintenance. WEICON mark the renewed product range, formed over many years of experience, specialized skills and constant cooperation with the customers as a result, it has become famous for its universal solutions.

  • Structural adhesives
  • Thread latches
  • Sealants
  • Instant
  • Polymer adhesives
  • Silicones
  • Technical sprays
  • Grease